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Lee Rain Releases Drip Irrigation Catalog

Lee Rain released its Drip Irrigation Catalog this week. Products include clamps, drip fittings, fertilizer injection pumps, filters, insert fittings, layflat hose, pressure regulator valves and PVC fittings, making Lee Rain “Your Drip Irrigation Solution.”

Lee Rain is also introducing the NEW! Bio360 Biodegradable & Compostable Mulch Film. Made of Mater-Bi®, Bio360 completely disappears without a trace and without leaving any toxic residues in the soil. It is an environmentally efficient alternative to traditional plastic mulch films. At the end of the season, the Bio360 does not need to be removed—the temperature, humidity, and microorganisms in the ground turn the Bio360 into water and carbon dioxide. The Bio360 has the same properties and benefits as plastic mulch films, but with no negative impacts on the environment and no removal, recycling or landfill costs.

In the Drip Irrigation Catalog, Lee Rain customers will find special pricing that keeps their bottom line in mind. The same pricing can be found at Lee Rain’s new online store,