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Lee Rain Customer Featured in T-L Irrigation View

In the Fall 2016 issue of T-L Irrigation View (page 11), we found an interesting article about one of Lee Rain’s very own customers, Cassaday Farms located in Monroeville, New Jersey.

Titled “Vegetables From A to Z”, the article explains how Cassaday Farms has grown from 70 acres to an enterprise that markets 40 different vegetables—from asparagus to zucchini—on approximately 2,500 acres, thanks in part to T-L Irrigation.

Cassaday Farms is a long-time customer of Lee Rain, going back to the first generation of Fiocchi’s. This strong business relationship was the basis for George Cassaday Jr. choosing to be one of the first of Lee Rain’s customers to take advantage of our AgManagement Strategies, utilizing Plant-Triggered Irrigation.

Regarding the seven T-L center pivots Cassaday Farms had at the time of publication, George Jr. states, “We’ve had very little trouble with T-L units and even if we do have a problem, Lee Rain, which is our dealer in Vineland, New Jersey, has come out right away and taken care of it.” Recently, Lee Rain installed two more T-L center pivots at Cassaday Farms.