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OCMIS is the world leader in the production of hose reel irrigators, spray booms and pumps. First-class performance, advanced technology, a wide choice of products suitable for every possible need and reliability ensured by the high quality of their machines are the result of a highly motivated and committed company. This motivation and commitment has led OCMIS to the top of both domestic and international markets. Thirty years of experience and of research and innovation serving the needs of the agricultural industry have given OCMIS a sustained period of continual expansion, projected from the hills of Castelvetro outwards towards global markets

The OCMIS mission is to develop and increase the use of hard hose travelling irrigators, distinguishing themselves from the rest through excellence and professionalism recognized by their customers who work with us throughout the world. Invest in research of new and improved applications to optimize technological improvements with the objective to increase agricultural production while reducing input costs.