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Advancing Agriculture: An Irrigation Guessing Game You Can’t Win

The problem with traditional irrigation management (i.e. manual or pre-set prescription), is that each irrigation timing event requires that you make two decisions, not just one. You must know not only when to stop irrigating (Decision #1), but also when to jump back in (Decision #2). And, assuming you get both calls right, you must repeat the process over and over, while factoring environmental conditions the plant is experiencing (i.e. heat, sun, wind, humidity and stage of growth, etc.).

After taking all this into account, it only takes one wrong irrigation decision to wipe out all of your prior successes, because even the slightest over or under-watering event negatively impacts yields every fifteen minutes. This is why Lee Rain believes that traditional irrigation management is a loosing proposition.

Recently, one of our patrons admitted that Lee Rain’s position on traditional irrigation made sense, but added: “I’m still tempted to stay in control and try to time my irrigation actions. When it hasn’t rained for a while, I believe that I need to irrigate regularly until the next rainfall. When that will happen, I don’t know. How much and when to irrigate is pure guesswork, but my irrigation is doing its job to minimize my losses and maximize my yield.”

Did you notice that this patron admits he doesn’t know, that he relies on guesswork? He’s certainly not alone. Gut instinct, intuition, overconfidence, and, yes, pride, have many folks just like him making irrigation bets based on their feelings alone.

Take a moment and think about it. If every farmer’s feelings were right all the time, every farmer would be rich.

Arbitrary irrigation timing (a.k.a. guesswork) also proves to be far more costly than the possibility of making the right call. That’s because frequent over and under-watering not only impacts yield, it also decreases nutrient use efficiencies, resulting in key nutrients being located beyond where the roots are able to extract them effectively.

These factors — negative yield impact and decreased nutrient use efficiency — collectively prove that arbitrary irrigation timing can be a costly and losing strategy.

Do you really want to play the guessing game? Do you want to win? It is time to invest in Plant-Triggered Irrigation. Lee Rain is confident that it is the best approach to higher profits.

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Lee Fiocchi, III