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Agricola Italiana

Agricola Italiana S.N.C. was born in 1977 in Padua, in the heart of the north-east of Italy, where manual skills and hard work have always been strong points of each venture.

A leading company in its industry has always affirmed the exclusive production of precision pneumatic drills that meet the individual needs of its customers.

The product range covers all the needs of sowing, from any variety of vegetables to the fourth range, adding also a heavy line of drills for planting corn, beans, beets, cotton, sunflower and seeds.

Considerable financial investment and human resources are constantly dedicated to product innovation, with the collaboration of both valid and technical suggestions from the customers who constantly suggest improvements and innovations based on the demands of the market.

  • Design efficient structure, able to oversee all operations for the construction of machines also tailored on specific customer request.
  • The use of the most modern CAD-CAM systems for simulation, production and installation of each component.
  • Constant updated technology and raw materials that allow you to strengthen the reliability of seed particularly at times of seasonal activity.
  • 90% of the work is done at their facilities, to ensure continuity of reliability and precision machining.
  • Continuous refinement and improvement of its equipment and machinery.
  • 4 work centers for the production of aluminum die-cast bodies and for the production of seed discs.