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One of the most pressing issues facing mankind today is how to reduce consumption of our natural resources. If we are to meet the global and local challenges facing the agricultural industry, the answers will lie in innovation—using the best advances in science to make better decisions around issues of productivity and sustainability.

At Lee Rain, when we looked at crop production, we saw a critical information gap. We also saw the opportunity to revolutionize the way farms and food producers operate in today’s world. In order for our customers to improve the manageability, profitability, accountability and sustainability of their operations, they needed better information and they needed that information translated into actionable strategies.

We put together a talented multi-disciplinary team to design a diagnostic solution that would zero in on the factors in any operation that influence efficiency and productivity. Our team developed the technology and science behind Plant-Triggered Irrigation, a precision irrigation solution that uses a more complete picture of how a crop uses water, oxygen, and nutrients to optimize resource usage for our clients.

With Ag Management Strategies, we focused on supplying our clients with the tools they need to streamline processes, drive innovation, create new business opportunities, and conserve resources. Ag Management Strategies empowers the producers of our world with a comprehensive solution for optimizing their organizations and making the world a better place.


Using the best advances in science
to make better decisions
around issues of productivity
and sustainability